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I was recently diagnosed with IBS(Iritable Bowel Syndrome) so I decided to make a home page on the web for others to come and chat about it and see where this page goes from there. I would like to hear from others about what their symptoms were like before they were diagnosed with IBS.
Do you have any "trigger" foods?
Do you have any recipes that would or may help others?
Join the blog section and post your message.

Joing my Blog site

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: U2
Favorite TV show: Corner Gas and CSI
Favorite movie: Star Wars (all of them)
Favorite book: Magazine - PC World
Favorite sports team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Favorite food: Shepards Pie

My Hobbies

I like Hockey, Baseball, Music, Movies, reading newspapers,Computers and my dog and cat.

Most Admired

Terry Fox

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IBS Help And Information Links

IBS Heath Site by Eric Case. Very good Site

Lighthouse at Cape Spear - Newfoundland

My cat - Calvin
He has Cattitude

My dog Kashi

Two Friends

Here are pictures of my two Pets. I have an eight year old dog named Kashi and a 6 month old Kitten named Calvin.
We got my dog when he was 8 months old at the Humane Society in St.Catharines,Ontario. He is part Shih-Tzu/Lhaso Apso.
We adopted our cat when he was 8 weeks old from a local Pet Store in Niagara Falls.

Favorite Links

IBS help

The Toronto Star

Search the Internet for Canadian Pages

Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at:

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